Every girl dreams of the day she will look down and see her dream ring. And, as a guy, let’s be honest—we want the perfect ring too. But now comes the final piece of the puzzle: what size is he/she? I’m here to offer advice that will make that part of the purchase as easy as possible.

Finding a ring this person already wears is everyone’s first go-to idea. Unfortunately, it generally isn’t that simple. Every finger is a different size, and that also applies to each hand. For example, if you’re right-handed, then your ring finger will be larger on that hand than the ring finger on your left hand. That would leave you with having to find a ring that he/she currently wears on the EXACT finger that you’re wanting to purchase the ring for, then somehow being able to sneak it out of the house. The odds of that are not in your favor.

Here is where your friend in the jewelry business can make this entirely seamless.


Option #1:  Send the lucky individual into one of our locations. Any of our fantastic employees can create/update a Shane Co. MyWay profile for the person in our database. We can save every single finger size for one or both hands so it is easily accessible to you in the future. That way, the ring you pick out and when you give it is still a complete surprise.

Option #2: One age-old method is using some string and tying a knot the perfect size. How archaic! To pull something like this off, you’re going to have to be extremely creative and play off what you’re doing.  If this sounds like your personality, then Shane Co. locations offer free in-home plastic ring sizers. In essence, it’s a plastic cable tie with ring sizes printed on it. Still archaic, but much more accurate than simple string and a knot.

Option #3: You don’t have to worry too much about what ring size to purchase at Shane Co.! Ring sizing is part of our Free Lifetime Warranty. You can purchase the ring as is, gift it, and if sizing needs to be adjusted, come back in and we’ll take care of it with a smile. You’ll never have to pay for sizing, ever!

Just remember, ring sizes can also fluctuate with things such as the changing of seasons and how wide a band you’re choosing. I always like my ring to go on easy, but be a little difficult to pull off.